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Long Term Care Solutions


Our highly experienced and highly skilled consulting team utilizes our cutting edge software system for real time analytics and our proven SOLUTIONS to ensure optimized reimbursement, regulatory compliance and service quality for you. 

•    Medicare  A Reimbursement
•    Medicare B  Reimbursement
•    MDS Submission Review
•    Billing Submissions Accuracy
•    Managed Care Levels Management
•    Care Planning
•    Census Building
•    Therapy Labor Cost Control
•    Skilled Nursing and Skilled Therapy Documentation
•    Recovery Audit/Denials Management
•    Quality Measures Assist
•    Discharge Planning Model
•    Frailty Risk Program
•    Dementia Program
•    MDS Support

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Much more than just a PDPM calculator or mapping tool Microscope OPTICS contains multiple capabilities and has built-in clinician-driven diagnoses optimization that will guide your team in selecting the most applicable PDPM-relevant diagnoses. 

•    Allows admission screeners and admitting nurses to easily collect much of the information the MDS Nurse will need for an accurate PDPM primary diagnosis and to complete the 5-day Admission MDS
•    Provides you with real-time visibility into reimbursement and case mix index to ensure that your facilities are receiving optimal reimbursement for the care you’re providing.
•    Automates the collection and signing of Medicare Part A Certification and Re-certification
•    Includes Practitioner Engagement Tools that follow the patient—increasing utilization and minimizing compliance risks

For more information, reach out to our Senior Director of Long Term Care:

Michael F. Masse, OTR/L

mmasse(at)microscopeHC.com / 607.316.6576

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